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Program Philosophy

Quality childcare reflects an interest in the whole child, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive.

Children learn in different ways, each with his/her own strengths in all eight areas of intelligence.

Learning is an exciting process with children learning every moment through play and active exploration of their environment.

A child-centered curriculum is built upon observing and understanding each child's individual skill and interest level.

Program Descriptions

Infant/Toddler (6 weeks to 36 months):

The foundation of this program is based on primary care, small groups, continuity of care and individualized schedules and routines.  The environment will ensure safety, offer your child appropriate developmental challenges, and provide communication between staff and parent to insure the child's development is continual and consistent.
Staff/child ratio – 4 to 1
Group size - no larger than 8

Preschool/Daycare (3, 4, and 5 years old):

The daily program is (based on educational objectives using a thematic approach and includes self-directed activities and small/large group play.  Our staff creates a nurturing, inviting, trusting environment, encourages respect for others and their property while helping your child develop a positive self-image so they ill be prepared for a smooth transition into their elementary school experience.

Staff/Child ratio 1/10
Group size - no larger than 20

Before/After School Program:(Kindergarten to 12 years old)

A smooth transition to and from school is provided through a caring environment.  Children are given a variety of activities to participate in; the center provides areas that allow for quiet as well as areas to release energy. Monday through Thursday children have the opportunity to complete homework.  Our summer activities involve theme days, summer news letter written and published by the children, water play, library trips, walks for ice cream, and free time for relaxing, creativity, and socializing.

Staff/child ratio/1/10

Thanksgiving mural
Outside summer fun
Our gingerbread house
Christmas art
Mystic fun at Little Noises
Our build a bear fun
Chestelm Adult daycare visits our kindergarten class
Halloween Haunted house
Hayride at Hurst Farm
Learning about history in our town
Fun in the sand
Outside art work